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Every morning I wake up, pray and read the news.

My coffee of choice… Nespresso espresso with cold frothed milk.

When I lived in NJ, I would frequent Dunkin Donuts.


Because I was hooked.

I earned rewards for the purchases made, all leading up to free coffees.

It didn’t help that there was a franchise on my way to work. The on-the-go ordering was such a time saver. I ordered as I walked out my front door. …

Written by Lionel

An academic institution with thousands of students from all over the world has undergone a digital transformation to upgrade its intricate web system.

The university wanted to provide a quicker and seamless online experience for its faculty, students, and alumni. Their web system included 180 websites, running on a singular Drupal codebase.

They recognized that without a well-performing website, their institution and website traffic would continue to suffer. Their search engine ranking was dropping, which in turn, directly impacted their web traffic.

The system performances impacted the user experience of their students, professors, administration, and alumni.

Frustrated Student


We’ve been around the block before. Time and time again, organizations have approached us with the need to set new processes in their firm, processes that involve users and resources from outside of the organization. We’ve all been there. Besides the specific requirements, it also meant there would be unique and specific content types.

Custom workflows for external users

Organizations strive for systematic processes because repetitive processes make it possible to become more efficient and learn from every repetition. Using the right information system leaves everyone on the same page with task status availability, which increases productivity and organization.

Indeed, in many organizations, there are…

Digital transformation continues to change the way companies operate. There is more pressure than ever and companies must keep up if they want to continue to stay ahead. However, more often than not, the process and delivery stalls. The way to correct that is through DevOps.

Devops has been the driving force, increasing the speed, efficiency, and quality of software delivery as well as improving collaboration between teams, upping morale and motivation.

Once adopted as a culture, DevOps can really transform organizations digitally.

Devops Consulting

The Time Is Now

With the end of 2020 in sight, and the Covid19 pandemic still looming, more and more businesses are looking to shift from a traditional SDLC (software development life cycle) to a DevOps model. The following signs are the tell-tale signs that it’s time to shift to DevOps and likely are limiting growth in your organization.

By making the transition to Devops consulting, you’ll avoid these issues, lower the volume of defects, lower the cost of a release, and improve software performance.


If you notice any of the following issues in your current process, then it’s time to…

Netanel: Take me back to pre-Covid at Linnovate. What was it like? Were you prepared? What did you have to do to prepare?

Oron: I remember sitting in the office at the end of January, scrolling through the news and it started becoming real. The news was just starting to come out about the pandemic in China, and as it continued and started to spread in Europe, we felt it was the real deal. We immediately took it seriously and understood that things were going to change.

It was at that point, we realized actions would need to be taken…

Open Source and the Covid19 Global Pandemic

Open-source software use has increased despite Covid19's negative effects on the economy.

Usage increases as companies shift their processes

Human Nature

Our flight or flight response to Covid19 has really shown it’s true colors. When things get bad, we as humans do our very best to find ways to survive.

When Covid19 swept across the world, many businesses were forced to switch over to open-source software for numerous reasons.

What are the benefits of using open-source software?

  • Financially: since it’s free, it releases companies from proprietary software.
  • Customizability: since it’s community-based, there’s plenty of room for flexibility and the ability to meet specific enterprise needs.
  • Unlocking Innovation: being supported and…


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